Introduction of Chattanooga Senior TPC and Change to Chattanooga Men’s Metro Senior Division

Hopefully you saw in Sunday’s Chattanooga Times Free Press the announcement of the inaugural Chattanooga Senior TPC, to be held at Council Fire this October.  Click here if you missed the article by David Uchiyama.

The Chattanooga Senior TPC will follow the same format as the regular TPC.  Points will be awarded in the Senior division of each of the same tournaments currently used to award points for the Chattanooga TPC.  Click here to see a breakdown of how points will be awarded.

The top 6 senior ranked players at the end of the season, along with 3 at-large bids, will advance to the Chattanooga Senior TPC, to be held at Council Fire in conjunction with the regular Chattanooga TPC, beginning Thursday, October 3.

The 9 seniors will play an 18-hole qualifying round, with 4 players advancing to match play on Friday afternoon.  The final match will then be played on Saturday afternoon.

The Chattanooga Senior TPC is being presented by Adman Electric.  Many thanks to Todd Moreland and Adman Electric for making this possible.

As part of trying to increase senior participation in our local golf tournaments, the senior division will play separate tees from the regular division in this year’s Chattanooga Men’s Metro.

In the past everyone has played the same tees in the Men’s Metro which has discouraged many seniors from entering, given they would have to play much longer courses than what they normally play.  Hopefully this change will add some new senior players to future Chattanooga Men’s Metros.

Please feel free to send any questions or comments via Twitter to @ifyoulikegolf.

Mike Jenkins
Chairman, Chattanooga TPC, Chattanooga Senior TPC

One Response

  1. I would like to thank Mike Jenkins for saving amateur tournament golf in Chattannoga.
    Todd S Moreland.

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